• Building a singleton in Java

    Usually, I don’t use singletons that objects need to fetch using a static method. I prefer using dependency injection to give each object what it needs. But for lower level concerns, like logging or security, it is common to use singletons that are accessible from a static method. Like the way you get a logger with SLF4J:

  • Spring AOP: Prevent advising test classes

    Recently, I’ve been using @ContextConfiguration to annotate my Spring test classes. This allows to have a context available for the test, without having to load it manually in a @Before method. It also gives to opportunity to use @Autowired within the test class.

  • Fun at Hack/Reduce!

    Last Saturday, I went to Hack/Reduce. Organized by the folks at Hopper, the event was an opportunity to learn to use Hadoop. They took the time to prepare a EC2 cluster of more than a hundred nodes. They also loaded a set of popular dataset for us to play with. With clear instructions on how to deploy our jobs to the cluster, we were ready to hack! Each team had an idea about what they want to do with the data. The Hopper’s guy were there to help us realize it!

  • Confoo Day 3

    Today started with Scaling Web Apps with RabbitMQ. We were introduced to the basics of AMQP. We went through some use cases where using a message queue system made sense for a web application. An example is images processing, which can be done asynchronously by sending those jobs to a process via RabbitMQ.

  • Confoo Day 2

    Another day at Confoo!

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